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Our deepest thanks for sharing about your experience and aspirations of being a grandparent.

We think grandparenting is an important and often underutilized role.

But…we know grandparenting today is different than it was when we were the grandchildren.

That’s why we are creating resources and building a community to inspire, inform, and encourage like-minded grandparents who truly want to make a positive impact on the world and their grandchildren.

 If you’d like to be part of a positive group of grandparents we invite you to join us in our Facebook Community: Grandparents Impacting the Rising Generation

It’s for grandparents just like you who value the role of impactful grandparents and who want to do more than bake cookies and go fishing with their grandkids (yes, those activities, too).

We’ll share insights, stories, examples, ideas, and even more important, we want you to share so we can all learn, support, and encourage each other.

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